This honest, thought provoking, and compelling autobiography describes the life and times of Steven V. Gure, a former New York City policeman.

His is a remarkable story.  Born into a family of wealthy European Jews, Steven found his life filled with horror and upheaval after the Nazi occupation of his native Lithuania when he was five years old.  All of his family except his older sister, Ann, perished in the Holocaust.  Eventually, Steven and Ann managed to make their way to the United States, where further insecurities awaited in the form of a series of foster homes, orphanages, and the like.

With determination and perseverance, however, Steve managed to survive and even to prosper.  He served in the military, worked his way through college, got married and had children, and joined the New York City police force.  Becoming a cop was, for him, a way of proving his physical capabilities and a means to achieving a secure livelihood with an opportunity for early retirement.  This it proved to be.

Steven's descriptions of his time with the NYPD are vivid and revealing.  Indeed, this candid, forthright quality holds forth throughout the book, whether the author is discussing departmental snafus or family upsets.  Steven V. Gure's is a life examined - and found worth living.

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'Life:  A True Story'


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